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A facepalm for SOPA and PIPA

A facepalm for SOPA and PIPA






The Waterphone is one of the most versatile instruments for creating atmospheric sounds. It can be heard in movies such as Aliens, The Matrix or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragons. Richard Waters, the inventor of this instrument, has been building these devices for 40 years now and if they were a bit more affordable I probably would end up doing grim ambient music with it for the next decade.

This seems to be a nice program to prevent apps running / starting themselves uncontrollable for the user on an Android phone.

» I’m curious that this is the desire of so less, to control their running apps on their personal log (phone). 

Android - Import Contacts from CSV or VCF

I wanted to copy my contacts from Nokia to Android but had no idea doing it without Googles gmail. has a solution that sounds quite handsome. 


1.) First you need to export your contacts from the Nokia phone. This can be done by OVI Suite, the Nokia phone management software. The only filetype that can be generated is an NBU file. :(

2.) This brings us to step 2 where we need to convert the nbu to a vcf file. The discussion on OVI Blogs brought me to this tool: NBUEXplorer on Sourceforge

3.) Finally copying the VCF files to the Android Phone and afterwards using the “Import Contacts” app to get it done.

Here is the posting of user “admit” that explains the steps:

Use the application Import Contacts from Android market (no cost) to import CSV contacts directly to your phone. Just put the CSV or VCF files into the scard on a folder or not. Contacts (at least as nokia exports) go in VCF format.

There are other similar applications like Go Contacts or the native one but notice that those separate the phone number by hyphen each 3 numbers (555340340 goes to 555-340-340) that is not good. 


  • btw. OVI wanted to upgrade. it took nearly as long as installing a whole ubuntu :/
  • these blog comments on OVI makes it somehow clear, why nokia has not the best references…
Censorship tells the wrong story.

Censorship tells the wrong story.

Ärzte: Vorsicht bei sozialen Netzen

Der Berliner Beauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit droht Ärzten mit Konsequenzen, wenn sie beim Erstellen eines Profils bei einem “sozialen Netz” ihr elektronisches Adressbuch an den Netzbetreiber übermitteln und damit die Namen von Patienten preisgeben.

That being said, it is their job to diffuse negative discussion.